Guest Report: Mike White, UK | Marula Lodge & Zikomo Safari Lodge | 15 - 22 July 2017

31st July 2017

Mike has made two trips to the Luangwa in consecutive years....after doing a once-in-a-lifetime safari in Tanzania a few years ago! Luangwa has rewarded him with fun sightings and his good photographic eye has made the best of the opportunities. He sent me some of his photos and wrote a report of his trip.

This was my second trip with Ed, following the one in 2016. Last year we saw some great sightings but I felt some of my pictures were a bit too portrait like. So this year there were a few things I wanted to do differently. The four things I particularly wanted to work on were:

1) To combine my love of landscape with wildlife photography to create animal-scapes - I was really happy with the results here;
2) To use back-lighting to make images more dramatic and interesting and this worked quite well in several of the shots;
3) The introduction of movement using a panning technique. This is pretty difficult to pull off but I managed to get one or two shots worth keeping; and
4) Given the lack of light pollution I wanted to try some night photography to capture the brilliance of the milky way and that seemed to work too!

With this greater variety of shot taking and Ed’s tips I felt this year’s photographs were much more interesting than the ones I took last year and this kind of variety is what I would like to build on in the future, hopefully in next year’s trip!

Running impala with blurred legs

Zambian Baobab tree against the Milky Way

Cape buffalo rush to cross a drainage channel.

Elephants recede into the bush on their way to water in South Luangwa.

A large bull elephant against the beautiful munga woodland of Nsefu Sector

Elephants head to the park's lagoons at sunrise

Stunning mature Leadwood woodland in South Luangwa

Thornicroft's giraffe swishes its tail at sunrise

Giraffes stand among mature Ebony trees near Tena Tena in South Luangwa NP.

Hippo soup

Spotted hyaena in the early morning of a South Luangwa day.

A hungry leopard pauses to glance at the camera in South Luangwa National Park.

Zambian lion in the Nsefu Sector examines us closely.

Leopard stalks impalas near Lunga lagoon, Nsefu Sector.

Baboon catching the early rays of morning after a cold night.

Stunning sunrise in South Luangwa.

Warthog repetition in Wakumba, South Luangwa.

Waterbuck bull examines us with wary eyes among leadwood forest in South Luangwa.

Zebra swish flies and feed in the pink light of early morning.


Photo comment By Wil: Hi Mike, Wonderful pictures. A number of your pictures shows a nice soft light from sunrise which gives a perfect atmosphere. Your photo of the sky with the stars and baobab in front is really good.
Photo comment By Annette: Just stunning Mike!!!!! x
Photo comment By Marlies: Very nice pictures Mike! Thank you

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